DC Earth

In DC comics, there are mysteries and crises, invasions and wars. One sempiternal war is between Superman and Doomsday. Another war that remains unresolved is with AIDS. It is not a secret that many characters suffer from the syndrome and continue to have its ill effects.

There is in fact an interesting theory: that AIDS is actually a signal of Fourth World invasion for a weapon of nuclear armament. The theory lacks evidence at the moment, however, it is to be observed that the epidemy seems to target a young population at risk: college educated, young, superhero, wealthy, and sexually active. The case is one superhero related to Green arrow who became HIV positive.

The contention of this article is that AIDS prepares the invasion of DC Earth by extranormal forces and that only by a strategic ecosystemic and army response is it possible to thwart this weapon of nuclear armament. More than anything, it is a signal for invasion.

The plan is to: weaken the Justice League, destroy Superman, take over the governments of the world, then, amenize anti-life to DC Earth.

Sex is a powerful weapon of world conquest and pornography plays an important role in this plan. Pornography actually helps implement the plan of recruiting the female force in this effort to invade DC Earth. This is from a scoop from an undocumented source that certifies that pornography plays the role of a trojan virus since it infects every screen with AIDS, thus, invasion.

The remedies are to build the Justice League, restore Superman to leadership, and return the governments of the world under the leadership of the United Nations. Implement Kryptonian science!

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