The Three Days of Darkness

DC Comics
Apokolips, DC Comics

At the end of All Star Superman, Lex Luthor contacts the solar computer Solaris in order to turn the sun red and depower Superman. Superman manages to defeat Solaris with a protective suit and defeats the solar-powered Lex Luthor before flying into space in order to restore the sun, promising to return to marry Lois Lane.

The sun plays an important part in Superman’s life, since it is the source of his power. The true purpose of religious symbology, however, is to prepare the world for the arrival of Darkseid. There is in religious prophecy, the prophecy of The Three Days of Darkness which speaks of a period of three days of darkness during which darkness covers the Earth and blots our the light of the sun.

The master plan of Evil is a Three Days of darkness that turns the sun dark and blots out its light in order to turn man into machine and serve a dark God of Evil: Darkseid.

The means to operate such an effect is to cover the Earth in darkness through a worldwide legalization of marijuana. Only by the acceptation that the world is not real as experienced through the visions brought about by substance abuse can humans come to doubt whether the darkness they experience is real or an illusion.

Darkseid, in concrete terms can be conceived as Earth’s political system or perhaps as technological power. Only by allying political power to technology can humanity achieve the effect of turning the sun dark and thus, spreading the Anti-Life Equation to the cosmos. The center of such a temptation is a false spirituality that centers on creating a virtual reality that tempts the human mind into believing the falsehood that the universe experienced in the spiritual experience of drug use is not real.

Only by a re-discovery of nature is it possible to escape Darkseid’s master plan of totalitarian power where Entropy destroys Freedom in the power of the Omega.

Belief that the world is going to end is the prime power of catastrophe for it justifies utilitarianism and a mechanical conception of the universe that divests it of all considerations of beauty.

It can thus be stated, that, Darkseid is a system of totalitarian power that seeks to erase freedom by turning the universe into a virtual reality. Final Crisis convinces us that in the end, Superman defeats Darkseid after he has metamorphed into a computer of abstract Evil by singing to the dark God of Evil, the tune of the multiverse, a truth in which Darkseid does not believe.

Final Crisis

The Overvoid Monitor

DC Comics

The Blank Canvas of Artistic Creation

The Overvoid Monitor

Literature is a creation of the human intelligence, a formulation of eminent genius, a construct of reality through the progressing of story. Comic book fiction is a storyboard, imprinted on the blank page, that attempts to create reality; behind illustration, balloons, words, and inking, the process of imagination takes place, through which is granted a window into the real, that which exists, and an insight into its history. Inherently, the comic book is an experience into mythology, it adeptly brings together the pseudo-scientific and the religious, the mystical and the metaphysical in a universe of possibility, a multiverse in fact, that determines the primary law that is the foundation of all existence: all that exists is a story that is created, evolving, and in the process of design. Art transcends the story into the mythical, the mythological, the expression of the will to power hidden in a natural force that seeks to dominate and extend its rule over its environment  —  the cosmos. Is that then the purpose of all life: to rule, to dominate, and perhaps to attain to an omnipotence that is really the desire for personality revealed in its universality and its exactness of thought?

From the pages of Superman Beyond #1, Grant Morrison introduces the concept of the Overvoid Monitor, an infinite abstract intelligence that in reality is the origin of the multiverse, this realm of infinite possibilities. The cause of the multiverse is an inherent flaw in the existence of the light of the great Monitor; it is the inability to understand the concept of story, of that vital need and intellectual drive for conflict, for tension which justifies the reality of creation itself; the need for a story drives the Divine Word and is evidenced in the desire to love, that is, overcome the oneness of divinity into the formation of finite being, tasked with the duty to comprehend the eternal substance and offer him adoration, fit for a king. What, then, is the reason for the flaw?


The flaw comes from the heart, the seat of thought and of personality. It originates from the inability to form a comprehensive conceptual understanding for the self, for the I, the ego, whose weight even for a divine being, an abstract intelligence, is a reason for tension, generating “a structure of infinitesimal rippling manifolds upon whose surface intricate germ-like processes thrive and multiply!”  It is the emergence of ignorance, the realization of an impotence before the existence of a reality that has no concept in its truth, in its substance, in its page; this leads to the problem of love, which animates the story and the formulation of tragedy, of drama, of conflict, violence, and of a never ending confrontation that tends to be solved in erotic savagery, found in the tale of super-beings that are involved in a dreadful battle; the apparition of Death, the antithesis of life.

The solution to the chaos of story, “the froth of events”, the carnage wrought by a love in delirious affection with conflict, passion, with the enigma of life, is found in the reconciliation of the multiverse with “divine metals” in the figure of a sentinel that watches over reality in order to defend against the ultimate threat: the erasure of all stories, of conflict, of drama, of passion, and even of genius  —  Mandrakk.

“The Concept ‘Story’ …!”

The Superman exists to rectify the mystical imbalance caused by the multiverse, in the infinity of worlds created by the misuse of freedom as a result of the attempt to comprehend and control the story. In order to write it with the power of finite hands, the Thought-Robot is the response to the grave danger, a sentinel witnessed to by the Last Son of Krypton to continue the work of artistic creation, the synthesis of contradictory forces that reveal human genius in its education on the Earth according to the Eternal Law, incarnate in an ubiquitous metaphysical force that extends the gravitational power from the prime planet to the entirety of the cosmos. Eminently, it is the power of hope, which moves all being, all life forms towards the completion of the story, the fulfillment of time, a grand cosmic pedagogy into the discovery of personhood, and the mastery of the self, of the corporal substance.

A race of cosmic gods, time angels, the Monitors arise out of the blood of the Infinite Overvoid, whose purpose it is to watch over the orrery of worlds, that is, on the unfolding story found within the Word in quest for His Kingdom, for an omnipotence that grants the immortality of memory, found in the incarnation of spiritual purpose even in the life of beings less than Divine, but rather finite and mortal; the Word, who is the reason for the flaw, seeks a story in order to achieve complete peace, the pacification of the self, and the achievement of a grand design, that is, an intelligent dominion of purpose; in its essence, it is the Divine Thunderbolt that completes all act, that coronates the story, that glorifies eternity.

In reality, the Overvoid, as explained by Grant Morrison, is the blank page, the canvas on which the author paints his story, a design that is the impression of genius, the creation of imagination onto the whiteness of color, of material paper. It is the transcendence of reality into the realm of meta-fiction, the exploration of philosophical concept for the nourishment of thought and the enlightenment of the intellect. It is an illumination of the fantasy of man, immersed in a universe of the impossible, in which good always triumphs over the grotesque lasciviousness of evil, in its quasi-omnipresence, an influence that is found everywhere and that breathes of the putrefaction of corruption, and death  —  anti-life, a primordial power of entropy produced out of the possession of the Omega Symbol, which identifies the Omega Effect, from the dark side of the Source.

What then shall be said of the Overvoid Monitor? He is a being beyond all categories of knowing who, for all his perfection, is not able to bear the weight of the fictional self, of that presence within his ego. Intellection is the prerogative of the abstract beings, it is an attribute that permits a clear vision of the future, and a lucid examination of the self. In fact, it grants virtual omniscience and assists in the governance of being, and the mastery of life. On this canvas that is an infinite intelligence is revealed through the whiteness of the page, an animating principle, governed by creation, genius, power, redemption and speech, meaning, operation.